Anglo American Learnerships in a Mining Company

Anglo American Learnerships

The Anglo American company combines integrity, creativity and smart innovation, with the utmost consideration for the people, families, local communities, the company’s customers and the world at large, to better connect the resources in the ground to the people who need and value them.

To help the youth in one of the company’s host country, South Africa, Anglo American Plc. offers an on-the-job training which is called a learnership programme to deliver knowledge and upgrade the youth’s skills and to give them work experience, so that when they have completed the programme, they will all be ready for the real world of work.

Additional benefits of learnerships include monthly stipend / allowance, a learnership agreement, subsidised accommodation and meals, a toolbox which will become the property of the learner after the completion of the trade test, free personal protective equipment (PPE) and of course free training.

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