Nsfas sbux

By | March 13, 2019


sBux is a payment system used by students to purchase books, stationery, laptops & tabletsas well as other needs for their studies using their book voucher. The system uses the students’ cellphone as a means to generate a voucher code which the students will then give to the registered NSFAS merchant.

Only Registered Merchants are able to take sBux as payment. Students can use their sBux to buy anything on this website.

How do I obtain an sBux voucher?

Students can simply follow these steps:

1Dial the short code *134*176# from your cellphone.

2Enter your password Click Send Select option 3 to see your book voucher number (eg 225 *********)

3This voucher number can then be used to make your purchase on the website.

4You enter this number in the sBux payment option and you also enter the amount to be deducted from your book voucher

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