Sasol bursary requirements

By | May 29, 2019

Sasol Bursaries Requirements and Eligibility

For Under Graduate:
    • Grade 12 with level 7 for Mathematics, level 6 for Science and level 5 for English for BEng and BSc applicants. Grade 12 with level 5 for Math and English for B Com applicants.
    • South African citizenship with a valid ID number
    • Full-time students for an academic degree at an accredited South African university.
    • For applicants writing matric after 2007:
      • Minimum of a Level 4 for English First Language or a Level 5 for English Second Language in Grade 11
      • Minimum of a level 7 for Mathematics and a minimum of a level 6 in Physical Science in Grade 11 for Engineering or Science fields applicants
      • Minimum of a level 6 in Mathematics for a B com Accounting/ Business Science fields applicants
      • Minimum of a level 5 in Accounting for B Com Accounting applicants
  • For applicants writing matric before 2007:
    • Minimum of a D symbol for English First Language HG or a C symbol for English Second Language HG in Grade 12
    • Minimum of an A symbol for Mathematics HG and a B symbol for Physical Science HG in Grade 12 for engineering or science fields applicants
    • Minimum of a C symbol for Accounting HG in Grade 12 for B Com Accounting applicants
    • Passed all courses for applicants that are already studying a degree course at the university
For University of Technology:
  • Applicants who are in Grade 12/N3 Maths, Physical Science and English
  • Minimum level 5 for Maths, Science and English
  • South African citizens
For Post Graduate:
  • Students of engineering/science fields at Masters or PhD Degree level
  • South African citizens
  • Research project proposal and summary formulation

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